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Wed Sep 19 04:50:55 CDT 2007

Dear Mr Karthik

The definition of Real and Truth has to be understood well and this will
help us to understand the principles of advaita which cannot be practised
for transactions but should be understood while dealing with the
transactions especially to get the discrimination [viveka] and dispassion
[vairagya] discipline [shatka sampati] then we will have only desire for
Moksha - freedom from all worldly desires which are unreal and not true,
apparently true for transaction purposes.

Unreal - that which needs a support for its existence [Maya] and Real - That
which exists for which it need not depend on anything is real

Truth That which cannot be negated in all the three kalas and is not subject
to limitation of desa, kala and vastu

The temple example given by the dvaitist does not fall under the definition
of real and Truth, as  for its existence it depends on lot of factors and if
there is an earthquake it will not be there. There can be floods and it may
get destroyed. Whereas the consciousness is there in all the three kalas and
not limited by desa, kala and vastu

The only thing that exisits all the time is Consciousness -
sat [uncreated] chit [consciousness] & ananda [completeness, fullness and
not the normal translation bliss].

You may have to listen to great teacher's lectures - Swami Dayananda
Saraswathi on this subject to get the true import of the terminologies. you
can visit www.avgsatsang.org; www.arshabhoda.org www.arshakulam.org for
further readings.

Hari Om

ram ram

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