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Dear List members,
I have tried to briefly write down my understanding about the existence and submit to the list memebers. Basically, this small write up is being submitted to get my self corrected and clarified . 
Humbly submitting this with a request to comment and correct, please
The Facts of Existence
·        The existence is what IS, that which is ever present reality. Universe or Infinite universes are but ripples in this ocean of existence which is “Brahman.” Brahman is sub-divided into two for the sake of understanding, though such a division is hypothetical and false. Prakrithi – a, is the name of the ripples that arise in the ocean called Purusha – A. Prakrithi is the sum-total of all the matter-energy (AkAsh-PrANa) interactions that take place. Purusha is the infinite consciousness, the essence of knowledge, which provides the background of such interactions. Purusha is the unchanging part which is like the subtle sky that provides a background for grosser elements to manifest and interact; to create and recreate. 
·        Life is not just the entities that breathe, but also those that are yet to be made alive by the prANa. It can be called a hierarchy of life. If we look at the lowest rung, it is dead matter, while at the higher rungs of this ladder are breathing/animate beings. The higher states of consciousness in human beings are still higher rungs of the same ladder of evolution of consciousness. VAsanAs or latent tendencies are a part of the so called - lifeless ones also and that state is farthest from the state of realization. This is the only difference between what we call living or non-living, otherwise even a rock is the same as any human being. Human beings are also supported by prANa and so is everything; and all the interactions. This being the case, human beings are closest to the attainment of realization while a rock farthest. Thus human birth is considered a rare achievement. 
·            Everything (not just animate beings) is a combination of both a and A. The b-m-i is but prakriti itself, so death is that which makes the present form to dissolve into twenty four elements (5 gross elements (prithvi-jal-vAyu-agni-AkAsh), 5 subtle elements (gandha-rasa-sparSHa-rUpa-Shabda), 5 senses of knowledge, 5 senses of action, mind, buddhi, chitta, ahamkAr) to again reappear as a different combination of all these elements, till final dissolution comes. All these elements and their various combinations are an outcome of the interplay of the three guNAs (modes) of nature (prakriti) which is the nature of all the matter-energy interactions. Death is thus a transition. Thus change is but a synonym to the play of life and death every moment. 
·        In all living things, the Body (b) is made of B, just as the carrier/ covering of A. But in Humans, in this carrier there is also an element, which keeps recording all the experiences/ happenings to it and around it, this is called “ The Mind” (m). Apart from this  there is a logical unit, which using past data recorded in the mind, keeps directing the body as what to do in a given circumstance. This is called “ The Intellect” (i). (Non human living beings wont have this (m )or (i) or very little of them).
>>In all living things, the Body (b) is made of B, just as the carrier/ covering of A.>>
Prakriti includes all the 24 elements and hence from gross to subtle including mind, buddhi, chitta, ahamkAra all are but constituents of Prakriti. The body is a carrier of all the subtle aspects of prakriti. The all pervading consciousness in all these elements and beyond these, which is purusha, stays unchanging and ever present. Body which makes the outer covering is the most visible and grosser form of all these twenty four elements. 
·        The combination of these ( b+m+i) creates a projected identity called “I “and every one is attaching themselves with this “I” and feel this “I” as the true “Self” 
·        This being the background, all the things/ events  just keep happening as per prakruthic dharma (pure physical laws like every action has equal and opposite reaction).
·        But everyone  is under terrible illusion that this “I” is doing things and as the result they are enjoying or suffering 
·        Naturally, this “I”, out of experiences recorded in the mind, start(s) desiring for more pleasures and fear the pains. Thus arousal of ‘desires/ fears’ resulting in frustrations/ desperations.
·        Even at death this ‘mind’ doesn’t get dissolved as other components of the body (as long ^^^ its not empty).Unfortunately, this body can not continue to exist that longer to fulfill all these endless desires, so the mind takes another body to get them fulfilled. But, since the desires keep growing, this cycle of leaving one body and acquiring another continue(s) endlessly. This is called Birth-Death- Rebirth.
·        The above said frustrations and desperations forced man to look for a psychological hold to hang on and to overcome this created all rituals in the name of “God” and systematized into what we call “ Religion”.
·         Gradually this religion became ethical code for day to day living, with lots of Dos and Don’ts to maintain social order.
·        But, if we sincerely observe, surely we realize that by all these we are trying to find an escape rather any solution to the situation.
Then, what’s the way out?
The Way out:
Shift the consciousness about your identity of yourself from that of Prakrithi (combination of body, mind and intellect) to that of “The Purusha”. The moment that shift in identity happens; you would realize that you are neither doer nor enjoyer of anything. So, there is no desire or fear and hence no frustrations or desperations. Neither you die nor re born. You just exist in peace/ bliss. This is what a state called Sat-Chit-Anand or Godliness.
This state can be attained by “Jnana” the true knowledge obtained by understanding/ experience or by “Bhakti,” unconditional surrender of  “ I” (b, m, I) to “ Bhramhan” projected outside you (God). Also it can be done by physical/ psychological methods of dropping the conditioning or the “I” (Raja yoga), or just by clearing all past dues accumulated without any further accumulation, by being a Karma yogi. 
         >>>>I have always felt that karma yoga is not possible without the understanding. You may observe that the one who has not understood the things to some extent can not promote karma yoga.<<<
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