[Advaita-l] Retro-action of Samskaras in Sadhana

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Wed Sep 5 02:34:19 CDT 2007

Retro-action of Samskaras in Sadhana
When the aspirant does intense sadhana to obliterate the old samskaras, they
try to rebound upon him with redoubled force and vengeance. They take forms
and appear before him as stumbling blocks. The old samskaras of hatred,
enmity, jealousy, feelings of shame, respect, honour, fear, etc., assume
grave forms. Samskaras are not imaginary non-entities; they turn into
actualities when opportunities crop up. The aspirant should not feel
discouraged; for, they will lose their past momentum and force from their
parting kick after sometime and die by themselves. Instead of getting
alarmed at their presence, the aspirant should plunge himself in dynamic
spiritual practices.

Source : Swami Sivananda

Om Tat Sat

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