[Advaita-l] AchArya on the Objects of the Waking State (B.S. II.2.29)

br_vinayaka vinayaka_ns at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 2 07:24:57 CDT 2007

Namaste Sri Jaldhar-ji,

You have written:

"For instance a diamond and a lump of coal are both
actually forms of 
carbon yet these things have different names and forms
and are assigned 
very different values by conventional society.  But
surely we can say that 
coal and diamond are two forms of one thing without
having to say "coal and 
diamond do not exist"?"

I strongly feel asking of such questions itself is
wrong. Because, in the mAndUkya upanishad nAntaH
prajnam mantra all types of prajna is negated totally
'including' the simultaneous awareness of all the
objects, which is associated with ishwara. So, when
reality is intuited, we are not aware of the forms of
carbon like coal or diamond to compare/reconcile, but
it is  something like being one with carbon itself. 

Ever aware of reality alone with the 'knower-known'
process being sublated for ever, is the state of a

Such kind of confusion arises when bening ajnAni one
wants to know the post realized state of a jivanmukta!
I have read in some places that, ajAtivada is upheld
in the sense that name and form eternally exists in
brahman and hence nothing is created. It sounds very
strange to me. I am yet to know how seasoned vedAntins
like Sri SSS and sringeri AchAryas treats this issue.
Pointers from any member with proper reference will be
appreaciated much.

Dear Michael-ji,

Thanks much for your clarification. I am yet to
assimilate the post fully. :-)

Warm Regards,

Br. Vinayaka.

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