[Advaita-l] Blocking my articles

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 10:54:00 CDT 2007


Can we do something delete Ger's introduction?

In ambaa-l we used give a choice, whether the intro can be posted on
the archive. Later we modified that to a warning stating that it will
be posted on the internet (as former became a real pain).

We should do the same - that is put in CAPS  that - WE WILL POST YOUR


It  has been on our list policy since inception to have a public
archive. I thought Europe is more liberal than the US.


On 10/17/07, ger koekkoek <gerkoekkoek at wanadoo.nl> wrote:
> To the listmaster,
> some time ago I mailed to your mailbox through my mailadres
> gerkoekkoek at wanadoo.nl.
> While I was searching for a new job they googled my name, and they refused
> me with  "weird thinking" as an important reason. Most of what I wrote in
> your box is worldwide visible through google.
> All I had written was ment only been red within the privacy of your mailbox,
> but it was my mistake to write matters under my real name on internet.
> Now this mistake is made, I must ask you te remove all I wrote, or to
> protect your mailbox for the world wide web much better, if this is
> possible.
> I did not unsubscribe your mailbox in a sense of negativity, but I felt that
> lots of typical Indian problems were only confusing me, while I could not
> help with some real answers either.
> Hence I got a few answers I am still thinking about, or helped me to
> understand my situation.
> With warm greetings,
> Ger

<abhayambika at gmail.com>

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