[Advaita-l] athma is mere function of the brain [was: concept of soul]

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Take in consideration the sentence below : 

"Why does it matter? A rock or piece of metal is as much Brahman as you or I except it lacks consciousness so it cannot know this. "

I may say:

Everything is Brahman indeed there is nothing else except Him, but if  you really know the nature of  Brahman  for sure  you will not say  that Brahman could be a rock, or a piece of metal, or other things around.You will cease for the importance of things around you, because you will see Brahman everywhere. Instead of a rock or a piece of metal or a man you will see HIM, Brahman as pure consciousness, the world is apparent, never existed, taken in consideration the final truth. 
The only One that exists is the Truth. For the sake  of  language  as a matter of explanation we can say the world is Brahman, and because Brahman is seen as fullness, Purna  BUT  the nature of  Brahman  Itself  excludes the world .

That man that considers the sentence above as it was presented , this still sees the world  and tries to make it Brahman - this is not the true way  -  you have to establish your mind in Brahman , you have to see only Him and the world will disappear , THE WORLD NEVER EXISTED in fact.
Between Brahman and the world there is no reconciliation, no merge whatsoever. Brahman, the Truth never generates something, mostly a lie and a lie is never a part of truth.
"Aham Brahmasi" I'm Brahman  not Brahman is I , therefore Brahman is not a rock or a piece of metal,  or world ; the sense is the first one , I am Brahman , I ( the world) cease to exist and the only that remains is Brahman.

Shanti and Love


latha vidyaranya <lathavidya at yahoo.co.in> wrote: hari om
  i found an interesting sentence here. 

"Jaldhar H. Vyas"  wrote:

Why does it matter? A rock or piece of metal is as much Brahman as you or I except it lacks consciousness so it cannot know this. 
  to say that it lacks consciousness may not be correct. i think it is the limited perception of our human sensory apparatus that does not perceive consciousness in inanimate objects and not that they do not have consciousness.
  If perchance it 
could develop consciousness and understand non-duality then it could 
achieve moksha just like you or I.

very true. and one who achieves moksha is the sole knower of that fact and no outsider can ever perceive if the knower knows or not.

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SATYAM JNANAM ANANTAM BRAHMA! "Brahman is Reality, Knowledge, Infinity!" – Taittiriya Upanishad II.1.2
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