[Advaita-l] The essence of advaita

latha vidyaranya lathavidya at yahoo.co.in
Tue Oct 16 12:16:30 CDT 2007

hari om,
  dear prabha,
  please do not feel sad that this topic is not for beginners. there are no beginners or veterans in advaita vedanta. either they 'know' or they 'know not'. beginners may not yet have acquired big technological terms of advaita in their vocabulary and the veterans have their vedantic vocabulary so full that their expressions make the lay person stand in awe of them. that does not assure us that they 'know'. just trust your inner light to guide you. if you have a sincere thirst for knowledge and that desire becomes a 'taapa', a Guru will surely come your way to lead you.
  tomorrow is saraswathi pooja. pray to Her sincerely to bestow you with knowledge. your total surrenderance and sincerity to seek the truth will take you further and unite you with Her.
  hari om

prabha <prabhagc at gmail.com> wrote:
  ................. you may be right - this topic is
not for beginners.


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