[Advaita-l] The Mechanism of Destiny

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Tue Oct 16 00:01:15 CDT 2007

The Mechanism of Destiny

Source : Sri Sivananda

Every act produces in the performer a double effect, on in the inner nature
in the form of a tendency, good or bad, and the other in the form of fruit,
reward or punishment. The past Karma influences the present life in two
ways-first in the form of character or tendency internally and as fate
externally. If you do an action, it creates a samskara or subtle impression
in the subconscious mind or chitta. Samskara causes a tendency. Tendency
develops into a habit by repetition of the actions. The habit manifests as
character. Character develops into destiny. This is the order: samskara,
tendency, habit, character and destiny.

Om Tat Sat,

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