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Wed Oct 10 04:46:50 CDT 2007

If kAmya karma-s are the issue, then only
they should be avoided, why avoid all vaidika karma-s?

And again, if a saMnyAsI can perform candramaulIshvara pUjA, SrIvidyA
upAsanA, etc then what is the issue with vaidika karma-s?

Hare Krishna

You know how difficult it is to give suitable & convincing answers once you
start asking questions like *why, what, how* on dharma shAstric verdicts
:-)) saNyAsi-s who have renounced the house-holder's order (gruhasthAshrama
dharma) are not supposed to engage themselves in any sort of karma-s...This
is the verdict one can find in dharma shAstra.as you know, being a vaidhika
dharma followers, we are supposed to question the declaration of dharma
shAstra..shraddhA is the key here..Anyway, for this smruti verdict, we can
find some sort of support in shruti also..in muNdaka it is said sanyAsi
should lead his life with self-control and wisdom and should live on alms &
should be unblemished by desires, and those who observe all these will go
to brahmalOka through solar path (dEvayAna)...In gIta, krishna also says
the same thing, asakta buddhiH sarvatra, jitAtmA vigataspruhaH...etc. This
would be the nature of a genuine saNyAsi...Normally those who are in this
type of state of mind donot entertain any wordly thoughts, like doing
karma, upAsana etc...However, we cannot ignore the fact that there are some
saNyAsi AchArya-s, who are,  from the point of view of  lOka kalyANa and
lOka hita,  spending sometime in these type of worldly / spiritual

I think this is what maximum I can offer you in reply :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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