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So what is so special about vaidika karma that saMnyAsI-s must give it up?

Hare Krishna

It is because saNyAsi is opted for jnAna (Atma jnAna) as against
karma...Our smruti texts prohibits saNyAsi's doing any kAmya karma because
saNyAsis devote themselves exclusively for tapas & shraddha...Since most of
the vaidika karma-s are meant for obtaining some fruits or other, it is not
recommended for a sarva karma saNyAsi.  I remember reading somewhere in
bruhadAraNyaka bhAshya, while talking about parivrAjya saNyAsa, shankara
says transcending the desires (yEshaNa-s) is ancillary to the knowledge of
Atman.   As you know, there are various types of sanyAsa (like smArtha,
vividishA, paramahaMsa etc.) &  all are not strictly prohibited from
vidhi-s.  For that matter parivrAjya in the form of an ashraM (particular
style of life) is a means to the attainment of brahmalOka and other fruits
of action.  It is in this connection, saNyAsi-s belonging to this ashraM,
wear yajnOpavIta etc. & linga is also enjoined to them.  Here linga means
that which distinguishing a saNyAsi who wears yagnOpavIta, saffron cloth,
carrying shishya vrunda/bhakta vrunda (disciple or supporting staff), a
daNda,  kamaNdala etc.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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