[Advaita-l] The four parts of the process of learning

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Dear Sastriji,
After reading your posting, I am reminded of another shloka from Mahabharat which gives the same meaning:

pAdamshishya swamedhayA
pAdam sabrahmacharibhyah
pAdam kAlakramenacha

Subramanya UH
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> Here is a Sloka from chapter 3 of sanatsujAtIyam which must be encouraging
> for beginners in the study of advaita who find difficulty in understanding
> some of the finer points.
> kAlena pAdam labhate tathAyam
> tathaiva pAdam guruyogataSca |
> utsAhayogena ca pAdamRcchet
> SAstreNa pAdam ca tato'bhiyAti ||13
> 13. The disciple learns one-fourth from the guru, one-fourth by his own
> effort, one-fourth by discussion with his co-disciples, and one-fourth by
> the efflux of time. (The expression 'through the Sastra' in the last line
> means 'by discussion with other disciples' according to Sri Sankara).
> Thus the points which are not clear in the beginning will become clear in
> course of time as the student keeps on studying.
> S.N.Sastri
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