[Advaita-l] Discussion on Ekadandi monks

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Mon Oct 1 02:14:43 CDT 2007

This is with reference to sri.Ganesh Ramachandran's reply by Email.He says
that Madhwacharya was initiated by Achyutha Preksha an adwaitin who taught
the book "ishtasiddhi'by him and madhwacharya pointed out many errors in
it.It is said that "Ramanujacharya himself was taught "ishtasiddhi"and he
wrote his Sribhashya in criticism of it.Ishtasiddhi was written by
vimuktatman,as Ganesh Ramachandran himself says.Were both taught the same
book?Then what was the necessity for Madhwacharya to write his
Bhashya?That the Bhagawatha order was there can be known by Sankara's
Brahmasutra Bhashya in his criticism of that order in the Bhashya in the
sutra"utpatyasambhavath"(Bhasya 52,in VolII of B.S).He denies that the
sutra refers to the creation of Sankarshana,pradyumna etc.which both the
Srivaishnavas and the Vaishnavas hold.Further,Madhwacharya in his
interpretation of the 'mahavakya""Tattvamasi" twists it to mean 'Sa atma
attattvamasi"(!) to suit his Dwaita theory.

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