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Thu May 31 06:37:33 CDT 2007

praNAms Sri SSN prabhuji
Hare Krishna

here is my blunt reply to your objections :

SSN prabhuji :

* Forget all vaidika siddhantas, even some vedantic schools - for instance,
dvaita, - do not admit of brahma-jIva aikyata, or they do in such a way -
as viSishTAdvaita does - that it totally distorts the teachings of
Upanishads, or introduces irreconcilable inconsistencies.

bhaskar :

go back to my mail & read what exactly I had written there...*at the time
of shankara* there was no dualistic school that propagate the permanent
difference between jIva & brahma...do you think dvaita school was there
prior to shankara??  By the way I've said that shankara himself said this
in bruhadAraNyaka bhAshya..have you ever cared to check the bhAshya vAkya
before coming out with above objections??

SSN prabhuji:

* Similarly not all schools accept j~nAna as the only means to moksha. To
give but one example, pUrva-mImAmsA which had a fairly strong following
during Sankara's time holds karma as the mokshasAdhana.

bhaskar :

check out the vilakshaNavAdhikaraNa in sUtra bhAshya & let me know what
exactly shankara said there..

SSN prabhuji :

I am saying this blindly: Let Sri Bhaskar show the three most brutal
attacks by BhAmatI and three most brutal attacks by VivaraNa, so that the
members of the list might understand how "brutal" the attacks were.

bhaskar :

Instead of accusing others like *reality show continues, pseudo
communication continues, proof by repetition etc. etc....why dont you put
some effort on your own to find out the truth yourself?? I cannot spoon
feed everything no :-))Anyway, I dont remember exact title of the work...it
may be * shAriraka mImAmsa shastrArTha nirNaya* or something of that order,
it is in two volumes wherein nyAya nirNaya, prakatArtha dIpika, vivaraNa
schools have been parallely analysed & their attacks on others...Sri Mani
Dravid has written an introduction to this work...But dont go that far, if
you know kannada, check Sri SSS's work *vEdAnta vichArada  itihAsa*..Sri
SSS provides more than one example with regard to these attacks...

BTW, I am still awaiting your clarification with regard to my quotes from
gIta & taitirIya...would you mind atleast now prabhuji??

tasmAt jAgratta

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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