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Hare Krishna

Shankara says  in bruhadAraNyaka Upansishad bhAshya that there is no
disagreement among all the followers of the upanishads that the knowledge
of the jIva-brahma yEkatva is what the main purport of all upanishads.  And
, shankara elsewhere in sUtra bhAshya states that all those who teach the
mOksha have agreed that jnAna is the only means for that.  From these
bhagavadpAda's clarifications it is evident that at shankara's time all
vaidiks (upanishad siddhAnta followers) had the *unanimous* opinion on
upanishad's ultimate siddhAnta & there is no disagreement among them that
jnAna is the means to achieve IT...But inspite of that Shankara says in
gIta bhAshya's introduction that somany people have interpreted this gIta
in somany ways, incorrectly but now I shall show you how this smruti text
to be *interpreted* correctly...So, it is clear that shankara started to
write his commentary despite the fact that  there is absolute unity with
regard to upanishad siddhAnta among his contemporaries & predecessors &
shown us the unique shuddhAdvaita prakriya (methodology)  in his prasanna,
gaMbhIra bhAshyAmruta vANi.  What does this show us??  shankara was more
particular about *his* own tradition's prakriya irrespective of the fact
that END is same among all vaidika dharma followers....Now, today, we are
saying AchArya's followers are not parrots, they are human beings & they
can invent their own unique methodologies to approach to upanishadic
truth...and this invention by later Acharya-s does not do any harm to
shankara's prakriya coz. ultimately all prakriya-s end in *same* siddhAnta
etc. etc. !!! Interestingly, if we go by shankara's own words, at the time
of shankara too, the scenario was same & all vaidiks were of the same
opinion about upanishad siddhAnta...nevertheless, shankara written his
commentary!!!......  And now, we are coming out with all sorts of excuses
to justify *new inventions* by later vyAkhyAnakAra-s  as against fool proof
shankara prakriya...The question is why there is a need of an alternative
prakriya to shankara prakriya in shankara saMpradAya itself ??  is shankara
prakriya not self-consistent & self-sufficient??  Why these *human beings*
who have come in the lineage of shankara claimed that they are representing
the shankara saMpradAya & have presented the shankara prakriya correctly,
when they wanted to exercise their own will & wish to invent new
methodologies??  (bhAmati & paNchapAdika- vivaraNa have found their
origination by commenting on shankara's sUtra bhAshya)...If both of them
(vivaraNa & bhAmati) are the religious followers of shankara siddhAnta  why
they have brutally attacked each other in their respective works holding
shankara bhAshya as the base ??  if these vyAkhyAnakAras' task was just to
clarify certain difficult/complex  concepts in shankara bhAshya, why on the
earth bhAmati attacked vivaraNa & vice versa to propagate their *own*
prakriya ??   God only knows the answer to these questions.  And those who
donot want to lost themselves in this vAkya jAla of later vyAkhyAnakAra-s
opted to *go back* to original works of shankara....

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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