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Tue May 29 06:12:09 CDT 2007

bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com  wrote:

>Frankly, I am failed to understand as to how you are relating HH Sri 
>Bharati Tirtha mahAswamina's >statements in introduction to *siddhAnta 
>lEsha saNgraha* to the refutation of Sri SSS's works...I >earnestly think 
>that HH, here talking about the discrepancies in bhAmati & vivaraNa in 
>general & Sri
>Appayya dIkshita's effort to reconcile the same in particular.  I dont know 
>how HH's  comments in >a particular book is the *overall* refutation of Sri 
>SSS's works. Neither HH has mentioned Sri SSS >name directly anywhere here 
>nor he talked anything about his works indirectly. Under these
>circumstances, I just wonder there is no valid reason to infer that HH is 
>*directly* refuting Sri SSS's >works in an entirely different context.

You are right in assuming that there is no direct refutation of Sri SSS by 
HH Bharati Tirtha. However, it does not take a genius to realize that HH is 
*summarily* rejecting the views of Sri SSS, or anyone like him for that 
matter, who claims to have found distortions of Shankara's teachings by his 
disciples and later advaitins. So what HH says in the introduction to 
Appayya Dikshita's work can and does apply to Sri SSS. HH does not go into 
how the summary rejection can be justified, probably because such 
justification has already been given in debates, articles, etc.

You have completely misrepresented what other Sringeri and Kanchi AchAryas 
have said or done in this matter. If they have encouraged Sri SSS it is only 
with a view of encouraging propagation of Shankara's teachings but certainly 
*not* to encourage denigration of later AchAryas. No Svamiji of Sringeri 
will ever agree that VivaraNa and BhAmati schools have distorted Shankara's 


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