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In  his discussion on the above topic Srikuntimadi Sadananda says"In
contrast to Vijnanavadins,the objective world is not considered as
projection of the individual mind but collective mind-which ofcourse goes
into subtler state when brahmaji goes to sleep as stated in B.G.Ch.8.

In the Gaudapada karikas as well as in the Brahmasutra Bhasya this aspect
has been analysed.According to the Vijnanavadins there is no external
world."Yadantarjneya rupam tad bahirvad avabhasate"says Dignaga ,the
Vijnanavadin.In the Gaudapadakarikas also the view of the Vijnanavadin is
discussed.according to Mandukyopanisath and the Gaudapada karikas the
individual self itself imagines the external world as in the
dream.Gaudapada discusses this aspect only from the point of view of the
jiva that is the individual self.

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