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From: H.N.Sreenivasa Murthy
  Pranams to all.
  Further to my posting reproduced below, I would very much like to add the 
  following quotation:
     The student of Shankara Vedanta should not try to deliver lectures or write on Shankara Vedanta by quoting some Upanishadic doctrines and Shankara  Bhashyas and using logic etc., to prove Advaita doctrine or establishing one' true nature. The lecturer/writer/teacher himself has to testify the utterances WITH HIS OWN INTUITIONAL EXPERIENCE  if it is the teaching of the transcedental reality.
  I feel that if we observe this discipline there will bean understanding of TRUTH which is  "avivAdaH " and "aviruddhaH" since what one writes is based on LIFE
  With warm  and respectful regards
  Sreenivasa Murthy

sreenivasa murthy <narayana145 at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
  From: H.N.Sreenivas Murthy
Pranams to all readers.

Dear readers,

srikanta at nie.ac.in wrote:

I am following with interest the Discussions on shankara vedanta.I am
seeing that the discussions are going off tangent and slip into mere
sophistry."What is one's true nature?Are we able to comprehend what is our
true nature?"This needs explanation and not mere quoting from some book or
the other.

Now the time has come to say GoodBye to Avidya and to welcome Vidya
wholeheartedly. I completely agree with Sri Srikanta.

Let us enter into the portals of Vidya.

I am quoting two mantras from the 7th chapter of Chandogya Upanishad:

sa Eva adhastAt sa upariShTAt sa paScAt sa purastAt sa dakShinataH sa uttarataH sa EvEdagM sarvamiti atha ataH ahaMkArAdESa Eva ahamEva adhastAt aham upariShTAt aham paScAt aham putastAt aham dakShiNataH
aaham uttarataH ahamEvEdagM sarvamiti || 7-25-1"That infinite, indeed, is below. It is above. It is behind. It is before. It is to the south. It is to the north. The Infinite, indeed, is all this.
"Next follows the instruction about the Infinite with reference to ‘I’:
I, indeed, am below. I am above. I am behind. I am before. I am to the south. I am to the north. I am, indeed, all this.
athAta AtmAdESaEvaAtmaivAdhastAt AtmOpariShTAdAtmA paScAdAtmA purastAdAtmA dakShiNata AtmOttarata AtmaivEdagM sarvamiti || 
"Next follows the instruction about the Infinite with reference to the Self: The Self indeed, is below. It is above. It is behind. It is before. It is to the south. It is to the north. The Self, indeed, is all this.

Sri Shankara says:
a) yathABUtArthavAditvAt vEdasya||
[bruhadaranyaka 1-4-10]
b)SrutEryathArthatattvaprakASakatvAt ||
[Prasna 4-5]
Shastra states existing facts . 
The mantras reveal one's own TRUE NATURE.
How can a mumukshu realize the facts stated in the above mantras and thus realize his TRUE NATURE?

I invite responses from the enlightened and scholars of this group .

With warm and respectful regards,
Sreenivasa Murthy


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