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Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Sat May 26 22:37:53 CDT 2007

bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com  wrote:

>Sri Ananda Hudli prabhuji, kindly forgive me...Till you accept my apology & 
>confirm the same,  I >withdraw myself from making any comments on your mail 

Honestly, there is no need to apologize because I have not been offended by 
anyone on the list. I have argued with some members but that does not mean I 
have taken it personally. So relax and rest easy. As I said in my message to 
Jaldhar Vyas, we need to go beyond personal issues and solve the fundamental 
problem. How should we treat AchAryas in Shankara's sampradAya? This is more 
important to me. Do you not think we should listen to HH Bharati Tirtha, who 
is the Guru of even your Guru Vidyasankar, who advises us that all of the 
AchAryas in Shankara's sampradAya have unanimously supported Shankara's 
central teachings, have not caused damage to the central principles of 
advaita, and that studying the later AchAryas' works is only beneficial to 
us? I may add that if we do not study the works of later AchAryas it will 
only be a loss to us.


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