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PraNAms to all

Since I have not studied SSS extensively - I am not
qualified to make any statements regarding the on
going discussions.  

I would like to present based on my understanding the
perspective of where the mind stands and its
subsequent projection.

One has to recognize the total mind vs. individual
mind.  Individuals, their minds, the world, space-time
in waking state, all - are projection of the total
mind - Macrocosmic projection - with consciousness
identified with the total mind as Iswara that Mandukya
also refers to in Mantra 6. At that level we do not
call it as avidya - but Maaya and Shree Anand
emphasized that it is sat asat vilaxanam. SaptangaH in
the Mandukya mantra 3 refers to the cosmic person and
therefore his mind. The individual mind is therefore
product of adhhyaasa; but at macro level where we do
not refer it as avidya but maaya.

At micro level the projection and identification as I
am an individual different from other minds and the
world is due to avidya - that avidya is centered on
the individual mind. Mind has to be there to have
avidya. Bondage is at the individual level and the
mind that understands the truth correctly that
individual mind recognizes the identity of self with
the total self.  It also means the other individual
minds still have to realize the truth. Avidya is
centered on the individual mind which itself is the
product of the total mind which does not have avidya
but maaya has its basis.  From that perspective we
have no confusion whether mind came first or avidya
came first.  

In contrast to vijnaana vaadins, the objective world
is not considered as projection of the individual mind
but collective mind - which of course goes into
subtler state when Brahmaji goes to sleep as stated in
B.G. Ch.8. 

Anirvachaniiya aspect comes into picture as jiiva and
avidya has anyonya aasraya. Some of the discussions
pertaining to the mind and avidya could be centered
due to this anyonya aasraya - I urge the discussers to
look into that. 

This is just a general point with no intension of
getting into the discussion of what SSS said or not

Hari OM!

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