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Thu May 24 00:07:27 CDT 2007

Hare Krishna

When some people failed to contribute  anything worth  for a meaningful
discussion,  they get frustrated & started looking at everything
suspiciously..they wont even spare normal /formal salutations in e-mail
exchanges :-)) .In Kannada there is a saying : "kuMbaLa kaayi kalla andare
hegalu mutti nOdi kondaru"...It simply shows their inferiority complex
nothing else.....By the way, *prabhu* who is,  yEkO dEvaH sarvabhutEshu
gUdAH, the indweller in all of us,  cannot get disturbed under any
circumstance at any point of time & this *prabhu* deserved utmost respect &
praNAms always from everyone...But  those who think they are *prabhu-s*
with their ego-centric conditioned minds, get perturbed even on some trifle
casual remarks:-))   They always wanted to listen flowery, flattering,
melodious songs to further fattening their  tiny ego-s :-))  But the fact
is that,  when the  most respected sage of 20th century, who has dedicated
whole of his life for the sole cause of vEdAntic studies, who was a die
hard follower of sanAtana dharama, who even at the ripe age of 95 years was
the meticulous follower of saNyAsAshrama dharma,  has been mercilessly,
deliberately, intentionally  attacked by some biased westernised minds with
great degree of arrogance,  unfortunately,  nobody cared to curb this
malicious intentions.  But now, all of a sudden,  we can hear the voices
rising slogans against personal attacks etc..when it is, actually, not at
all intended...

Kindly note this is not addressed to any particular individual...this is
just a general painful observation from my side...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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