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praNAm shrI Ramakrishnan,
         Let me make a series of statements, and you can let me know
which ones you disagree with. That will clarify your position to me.

1 -- avidyA is a mutual superimposition of the Self on the non-Self
(not done by the mind). An alternative way of saying this is to
recognize that pramAtR^i, pramANa, pramEya are all superimposed on the
Self (and constitute the non-Self).
2 -- avidyA is a mutual superimposition of the Self on the non-Self
done by the mind.
3 -- You say that SSS said both 1 and 2 in the same breath, that he
held these positions philosophically (i.e., it was not just a matter
of imprecise use of language etc.), and hence he has a theory which is
incoherent (Right now, I understand this to be your position).

I will make my current position too clear for you. I feel SSS said
only 1. If he did make statements like 2 (as I mentioned, I do not
have access to the books, and hence have no way of ascertaining the
context of the quotes you mentioned), then presumably it could be
ascribed to reasons like imprecise use of language etc.

Given that you said Alston could be inaccurate (and Alston has been my
only source), I will ask the same question on the satchidanandendra

Btw, the Surname's Annapureddy, and not Annapurna.



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