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Hare Krishna

Y'day I've posted the below mail but sofar not seen in the list...

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Then who is Mr.Pott?
He is the I-sense that feels itself to be "a" pot separate from clay,  and
doesn't recognize itself to be clay even though all along it is  clay, and
nothing but clay.

When did it get ignorant?
 This is a wrong question because it assumes an absence of ignorance  prior
to the onset of ignorance which is impossible.

Who needs the right knowledge to get liberated?
The clay? No
The pot? No
Mr.Pott - Yes!

praNAms Sri Shyam prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Thanks a lot for the clear explanation with a simple analogy
prabhuji....Actually I had read your explanation with this analogy in
advaitin list when the topic  *locus of avidyA* was in full swing...Thanks
onceagain for the lucid explanation.  In dAshtrAntika, if I take your
analogy clay=braman, pot = jIva (or  pot = rUpa (form) )  and Mr. Pott =
jIva's  ahaMkAra & mamakAra (or Mr. Pott = nAma (name) )..As you rightly
pointed out, AvidyA cannot have Ashraya (locus) the questions like 'to whom
is avidyA' does not at all arise without  pot (jIva)  identifying itself
with Mr. Pott...to whom is avidyA and about which matter is avidyA etc.
etc.  have to rise only in duality.   The whole scope of this dvaita
(duality), advaita says  is adhyasTha (superimposed/adhyArOpita), avidyaka
and is not real.  Those who question like in the above manner have not
discriminate the truth of this siddhAnta.  They have taken it for granted
that  'due to avidyA, duality has come into being by the valid means of
vidyA we need to establish advaita' and  pose the questions like above &
try to attribute a material cause to it & try to find an Ashraya to rest!!!
>From the view of point such people, shankara has given the answer *avidyA
pertains to you (Mr. Pott) who is asking this question...if you realize you
are clay in reality there is no question of pot & Mr. pott and hence there
is no room for any question.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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