[Advaita-l] Brahman - bhAvarUpa or abhAvarUpa (was Re: Advaita vEdAnta - Unit (28))

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 09:30:13 CDT 2007

--- Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna <puttakrishna at verizon.net> wrote:

> In Unit 25, we studied the nature of ajnyana and understood that
> ajnyAna is
> abhAvarUpa;

According to you: is Brahman bhAvarUpa or abhAvarUpa?

If Brahman is bhAvarUpa, you have TWO bhAvarUpa entities -- Brahman
and adhyAsa, and your thesis ceases to be advaita.

If Brahman is abhAvarUpa, then Brahman itself is sublated by adhyAsa!


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