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I am sorry, I don't understand this.
It says the first edition came out in 1996. The talks
wers conducted by Swamiji in 1966 in Davanagere, he
wrote his book in Kannada after the series of 21
talks. The translator Mr.D.B.Gangolli translated and
published this in English in 1996 for the first time.

Hare Krishna

Yes, this translated  English book *The Basic Tenets of Shankara Vedanta*
was originally  written in Kannada language under the title * shankara
vEdAntada mUla tattvagaLu* by Swamiji which is inturn a compilation work of
swamiji's discourses  before & during shankara jayanti celebrations in the
year 1966. Section-6 of Paper on SSS has somany baseless allegations  like
this with regard to Swamiji's authorship of books, Swamiji's education, his
bhAshya shAnti, his Western educational background, Swamy  jnAnaprasUnendra
Saraswati's rivalry maTha in Mattur  etc. etc...let us not discuss those
junk material here...

Hari Har Hari Bol!!!

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