[Advaita-l] a discussion on Shankara Vedanta,May 4,2007

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Sat May 5 00:33:23 CDT 2007

In his discuusion on the above topic Bhaskerji writes that "No need to
mention this strange avidya is quite contradictory to Lokanubhava and
alien to shankara vedanta."
I would like to know whether this "avidya"is discernible,as to say that it
is contradictory to 'Lokanubhava"?
if it is so clear why is that "Brahman is not realised,much less how is
that the "avidya'is not realised?
My question is what was the position of "Advaita vedanta"immediately after
Shankara,so that the the later Vyakyankaras differ from him drastically to
such an extent as to thrust the "Mulavidya"theory on the siddhanta.Though
I have a lot of respect for Sri Sri Sachidanandendra Saraswathi Swamiji,I
feel that he has not touched upon this crucial aspect which is "What made
the later vyakyanakaras like Padmapada,Sureshwara who lived with Shankara
Bhagawatpada to differ blatantly on many points".in the
Panchapadika,Padmapada clearly writes that the pays obeisance to the
"Bhasyavittaka Guru"which clearly refers to Shankara.We cannot also say
someone wrote the Vyakyana in the name of these Vyakyanakaras.

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