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if ajnyAna were to be bhAvarUpa, the ajnyAna has to
be sublated, just as the sense organs, mind etc. are sublated in Brahman in
deep sleep. The sense organs or organs of action, being a Brahma kArya and
is of the nature of Brahman, there is no objection to sublate the kArya in
the kAraNa. However, if bhAvarUpa ajnyAna is similarly sublated(be it a
behavior or material), one has to establish that ajnyAna is of the nature

praNAms Sri Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna prabhuji
Hare Krishna

This is what exactly the problem with vivaraNa school's interpretation of
avidyA...Despite shankara bhagavatpUjyapAda himself explaining that in our
vyavahAra avidyA appears to be the quality or attribute of the antaHkaraNa
(mind), vivaraNakAra concocted a new theory and says avidyA exists from the
time immemorial (anAdi) in *Atman* alone!!! According to shankara the fact
is that avidyA which is of the nature of adhyAsa is responsible for the
problems of empirical transactions (lOkavyavahAra) such as I & mine,
vyAkhyAnakAra's came out with an innovative method of explaining this and
started declaring there exists a thing called mUlAvidyA which is the
material cause (upAdAna kAraNa) for even adhyAsa (misconception) !!!  No
need to mention this *strange avidyA* is quite contradictory to lOkAnubhava
& alien to shankara siddhAnta...But unfortunately if you try to highlight
these issues, you will be labelled as *asaMpradAyavAdi* & if you try to
bring to the notice of socalled traditionalists the glaring contradiction
between shankara & vyAkhyAnakAra with the support of AchAryOpadEsha, it
will be called as *tirade on vyAkhyAnakAra* & now, you might have noticed,
despite your clarification, there are  some *challenges* with some
meaningless mathematical equations without even bothering to give a look at
shankara bhAshya which you have quoted in justification!!! What sort of
meaningful discussion that you can have with  these type of lifeless

While on the subject, kindly note that  I am not saying that  I am in full
agreement with you with regard to abhAvarUpa avidyA, resultant bhAva rUpa
avidyA  & related issues...just I am sharing with you my observations with
regard to treatment that is being given to AchArya bhAshya vAkya-s in this

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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