[Advaita-l] to be and to have in Sanskrit

Guy Werlings werlings.guy at wanadoo.fr
Fri Mar 30 09:06:58 CDT 2007

he priya mitrANi |

I am rather surprised nay disappointed to see that my earlier question as to 
the verbs to be and to have in Sanskrit did not arise the slightest interest 
from the many learned members of the list.

Provided it is really true that there is no verb corresponding to «to have» 
in Sanskrit, is there at least a verb meaning «to get» so that one could at 
least say in Sanskrit «I got a body, but I am not the body» if one cannot 
say «I have a body but I am not the body». Or are they verbs meaning «to 
own, or to possess», so that one could say «I own or I possess a body, but I 
am not the body»?

Most of you will probably think that I am just a hair-splitter, but if such 
a basic idea cannot be conveyed in Sanskrit, then it raises very serious 
philosophic questions and the claim that Sanskrit is such an elaborate and 
perfect language has to be seriously considered again.

I do feel very sorry if I am irking anybody.



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