[Advaita-l] In reply to sri.Guy werlings Email regarding the difference between "Anubhava" and "Anubhuthi

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Tue Mar 27 05:13:35 CDT 2007

Dear Sir
Namaste.Thank you very much for your Email explaining the difference
between 'Anubhava" and "Anubhuthi"."Anubhava" is a Universal experience
that can be experienced by sense organs and also some times by the
mind.How is "anubhuthi"experienced?Since it is an intuitive experience,or
if it can be called an "Insight"what is the organ or the instrument which
experiences "Anubhuthi".As I have read,i have read about for
example,"Kandar Anubhuthi" in Tamil.Here it means "Grace of Kandan".since
there is no other organ except the mind,how is this grace experienced?
Does the mind experience"Anubhuthi"to the exclusion of all other wordly
Incidentally,while I was studying Ramanujacharya's "Sri Bhashya",I have
come across this term"Anubhuthi"in the "Purvapaksa"(The Adwaitic position)
against which Ramanujacharya has directed his criticism.He seems to have
criticised this view of "Anubhuthi" by Vimuktatman.
Thanking You, Vandanani.                            N.Srikanta.

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