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Sat Mar 24 07:10:09 CDT 2007

Dear all,
  I was going through my patanam of EkAdaSa skandam of Bhagavatham when I read hrough the following shlokas in 28th adyAyam. A coincidence, today I went through the Archives a decade back.  I was curious to go through A caption in the name of Bhagavatham  that too 28th adyAyam, a write up by our list member karthik.
  Shri BhagavAnuvAcha
  "Paraswabhava karmANi na praSamsenna garhayeth
  vishwam ekAthmakam paSyan prakruthyA puruSeNacha"

One should neither praise nor criticize the conditioned nature and activities of other persons. Rather, one should see this world as simply the combination of prakR^iti and purushha, based on the one Absolute Truth.
  "ParaswabhAva karmAni yaH praSamsathi nindathi
  sa Asu braSyathe swArthAdasathyabhiniveSathaH"

Whoever indulges in praising or criticizing the qualities of others will quickly become deviated from his own best interest by his entanglement in illusory dualities.
  YallabdhwA pumAn thruptho bhavathi (narada bakthi suthram)
  on attaining this (bakthi)  one gets contended.

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