[Advaita-l] Your Email on March 23, 2007 regarding difference between "Anubhava" and "Anubhuti"

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Sat Mar 24 00:35:59 CDT 2007

Dear Sir
Namaste.It is so refreshing to read a letter from you so many miles away.I
am glad that I have the opportunity to read your letter.You have said that
"Anubhava" is experience and "Anubhuti"is realization.I need some more
clarification on this."A sarvatrika Anubhava",that is "Universal
experience",for instance, "sugar is sweet"canot differ  from person to
person."Neem is bitter"cannot differ.Does "Anubhuti" come under"Universal
experience"?What is "Anubhuti"?
Namaste.                                                 N.Srikanta.

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