[Advaita-l] On the parakAyapraveSa legend about Sankara

NARAYANA MURTHY malahanikareswara at yahoo.co.in
Thu Mar 22 01:52:04 CDT 2007

Dear all,
  The views and counter views in the topics are so critical
  Sh. Srikanta mahaSaya :
  He has srict dietary habits which differs from the
householder.For them it is "eka vara bhojana"(they should eat only once a
day)They have to eschew spices and foods which stirs sensual feelings.They
must observe"yogasana"to keep their body fit and disciplined.They must
teach to the people the "Atmajnana"through pravacanas.
  I have heard there are many orders in sanyasa Ashrama - kuticaka, hamsa, paramahamsa.  Acharya shankara should have been in the highest order of "Paramahamsa".
  Normally it is said, "na karmaNA na prajayA dhanena thyAge naike amruthathvamAnaSuh". After sacrificing all karmas, sanyasa is taken.  it is interesting information to note  that still they are ordained to indulge in so many actions, viz., perform   "Yogasana" (to keep their body fit !) ; teach "AmagnyAna" and deliver "pravachanas"!

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