[Advaita-l] SAsthrabhyAsam and SamAdishatguNasampath

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 Shri Srinkanta mahaSaya,
  The sishya who has "parangatha" in pada vakya pramana could be  a "shodaka".  And yes, he should have open mind.
  The aspect which I missed about discussing open mind is the capacity of the person. I intended, a "JignyAsu" undergoing "SashthrAbhyAsam".   Until he becomes a "Shodaka", the best course open for him is to single mindedly pursue "SasthrAbhyAsam" in the way taught to him.
  I just try to explain this way:
  A person learning "Karnataka sangeetham"  needs to learn it the way, it is taught to him by a qualified teacher until he becomes well versed.  While learning, he may come across other forms of music like Dhruvpad, khayal, thumri and many.  At the maximum, he can observe them.  But if he tries to improvise it in what he is learning, I feel his music may get spoiled and he may not be able to perfectly master any form of music.  Ofcourse after gaining good knowledge of one form, one may be able to compare ; appreciate and apprise other forms.
  I hope I discussed about "SasthravyAkhyAna kouSalam" and "ChittabhramaNam" with specific reference to verse #60 and #62 of VC.  The purport, if I have understood them properly indicates that unless SAsthraparangatha leads one to "vasthu upalabdhi", it is of no use.
  I am interested to know How "SasthravyAkhyAna kouSalam" and "SabdajAlam mahAranyam chittabhramaNa kAraNam" is dealt with by Sh.Chandrasekara Bharathi Mahaswaminah in the VC commentary.
  A list member may pl help.

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