[Advaita-l] A reply to Sri Shyam's Email to the group

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Tue Mar 20 01:07:39 CDT 2007

Dear sirs
i read with interest the lengthy Email to the group regarding Sankara's
bhashyas and adikaritvam.I would like to add some more points.The study of
Vedanta needs a patient and exhaustive reading to know even the subject
matter.It is a very subtle and profound matter.That is why it is called
'Meemamsa",study about the "pujita vichara",namely Brahman.
First of all what is necessary is an honest open mind.One should have an
open mind which doesnot block itself to any adverse views or opinions.One
must possess an incisive mind to know the right from the wrong.That is why
Sankara gives prime importance to "Viveka"(nitya-anitya vastu viveka.If
one doesnot posseses this prime requisite any amount of study or
accumulation of Knowledge will not help.If one doesnot have this,better to
acquire this over some years before the study of actual Vedanta.It is not
that one is following "sampradaya"or not.These days where it is dificult
to find a Yati who expounds the sastra without personal gain(if one finds
him it is very lucky),one can study Vedanta after acquiring the prime
requisites,namely nitya-anitya vastu viveka,sama damadi sadhana
sampath,tranquility of the mind,then mumuksutva will naturally follow.
Regarding the question of authority,the Acharya can only interpret Sruthi
or the smrti to the true meaning.In that way he becomes the
authority.Regarding the question of who the authority is before sankara,
we can only name Acharya Gaudapada,the disciple of Shuka Maharisi,who gave
the first systematic exposition of Adwaita Vedanta,whome Sankara calls as
                       Hari Om Tat Sat.

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