[Advaita-l] Re: A Myth About Sankara (was Re: jnAna-vijnAna, ...)

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 14:45:54 CDT 2007

Since, I invented the SSS acronymn, I would like to point out that it
was not out of any disrespect, rather as a relief for my fingers. SSS
stands for Sri Satchidanandendra Saarasvati which is hardly a mark of

The things people come up with!


On 3/16/07, Ravi Mayavaram <abhayambika at gmail.com> wrote:
> Shyam <shyam_md at ...> writes:
> >
> >   I find it difficult to believe that a student of advaita can question
> Bhagawan Shankara's authority as a
> > revealer of what Mother Shruti conveys.
> namaste Shyam,
> I think the hierarchy posted by Kartik in the first message of this thread does
> not question the authority at all. It puts into a good and correct perspective.
> If you accept Sankara is correct and follow him with shraddha, then you have no
> or should have no issue with it.
> But it provides a scope for a person  to prove that either Sankara's view or the
> interpretation of one of subsequent Acharya's view on a particular topic is not
> valid. To do that, they have a mechanism to go back to Shruti and smrti and show
> that (after exhausting all reasonable interpretations of the shruti vakya) that
> particular view is not valid. And the original post supported this with an apt
> example using Sureshwara.
> I do not think SSS (Sri Satchitanandendra Saraswati svAminaH) abbreviation was
> used with disrespect. It was used to make typing easier, as the name was
> referred frequently. Sometimes that sounds better than using pronouns like
> "him", which people translate it from English to their native language in
> singular instead of plural with respect (saH, tam  instead of te, taan).  I did
> not know much about Sri Svamiji and thanks to Savithriji posting an article
> about him.

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