A Myth About Sankara (was Re: [Advaita-l] jnAna-vijnAna, ...)

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Fri Mar 16 14:16:28 CDT 2007

Humble writings always make pleasant reading. Humility is the hallmark
of a seeker. Scholarship should be the hallmark of one who has the
Atma anubhava or the experienced. Without the experience of the truth
no amount of exposition can convey the meaning because there is no
conviction without experiencing the truth.

>  As an example let us take "maya" As Swami Vidyaranya warn us : "Maya is an
> embodiment of marvellousness and doubt; the wise must carefully find out
> means and make effort to eradicate Maya by systematic enquiry. Further
> arguments are useless, so do not indulge in them." In other words if we try
> to get tangled up in the labyrinth of a logical basis of maya we only fan
> the fuels our own ignorance. What is sat is One and is ever present - the
> only strain is to remove our own notional ignorance. Trying then to assign a
> locus to ignorance is an exercise in futility - "I" am the only locus for
> ignorance. Ignorance can never begin.
>  In the example of the blue sky being an illusion, suffice to say it is a
> illusion - period. For some ignoramuses to then argue about the blue-ness,
> which itself is an illusion, and then contend that it is deep-blue or not
> deep-blue - is an exercies in vain futility and does nothing of consequence
> to help understand the main subject-matter-at-hand that the blueness of the
> sky is an illusion.

I like this exposition particularly. As you have pointed out, no
amount of scholarly investigation or even a teaching about the
"gradations" in blue, can bring the student close to understanding
that the color itself is an illusion.


>  It is only for the benefit of some seekers that the Mahatmas come down to
> the level of indulging in hairsplitting discussions on some of these topics.
> Let these not become tangents from which we find ourselves launching away
> from the main goal.
>  Humble Pranams
>  Hari OM
>  Shri Gurubhyo namah
>  Shyam

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