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> On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote:


> > The case of Sureshvara is quite different, he explicitly says
> that
> > what Sankara said about sannyaasa was ***durukta*** and proceeds
> to
> > give an explanation based on smR^iti.
> >
> Which is further proof that shastra not a personality is the
> pramana 
> doesn't it?


But Bhaskar's defense of Sankara's commentary as being an authority
on par with Sruti argues that this is because Sankara is a
Brahmajnani. No doubt Sankara was a Brahmajnani, but that still
doesn't make his statements equal to Sruti or Smriti in terms of
authority. This is precisely the reason that a Vartika-kara can go
against the Bhashya-kara when the Bhashya-kara goes against Sruti or

> And tell me if a person can go as far as to say use a phrase like
> durukta 
> without being disowned by his Guru or drummed out of town by that
> Gurus 
> followers what exactly did SSS do which was so unforgivable?

For the record: I never characterized SSS anywhere close to the above
terms, and do respect SSS for his devotion to Sankara.

I can accept SSS's doctrine as "loyal opposition" --  provided the
policy of the "ruling party" constituted by the Sankara Maths is
accepted as primary doctrine. It is like when we say, "exceptions
prove the rule", there must be a rule in the first place for there to
be an exception!


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