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Dear Bhaskar 
  your quote :1
  I dont thik shruti & shankara bhAshyas relationship is something like text
book & digest to say text is more authoritative & digest is lower in status
...shankara's bhAshya vAkya  is shruti vAkya samAna since it has come from
the very mouth of *brahmajnAni* whatever brahmajnAni says it is on par with
shruti vAkya...We cannot simply label it as a lower standard authority that
too within the path of advaita vEdAnta..
  quote and reply : 2
  bhaskar :

So, according to you questioning the labeling of shankara bhAshya as lower
authority *within* *advaita saMpradAya* is propaganda for you!!!

Karthik prabhuji:

Not so.

There is a definite hierarchy of the texts within the Advaita Vedanta

1) Sruti
2) Smriti
3) Bhashyas on the above by various Acharyas **of the Sampradaya**.
  1. from the limited understanding I have, dear bhaskar, sruti, smruthi and Bhashyam are given weightage in that order by all the thrimathacharyAs. Although, I do not have source material, I have surely heard that even in case of conflict between Sruti and smruti that of sruti is supposed to prevail. And do you agree with this vertical hierarchy or place them all horizontally with equal weightage?  From what you wrote, I guess you went for the latter.
  2.You may give adjectives Sruti samana or Sruti thulya or any other  pada which takes Shankara Bhashya very near Sruthi.  But it can not be sruti itself as such.  Karthik has pointed out two differences between shankara bhashya and latter vyakhyanakartha. you deliberated on the second which I could not perfectly comprehend with my limited knowledge.  the first one - which is comprehensible and a clear difference of conclusion in smruthi and Achrya bhashyam.  Since, a vertical hierarchy, I hope is followed in sampradaya, that the conclusion of smruthi supercedes the conclusion of Acharya Shankara
  3. your quote as above that :
  So, according to you questioning the labeling of shankara bhAshya as lower
authority *within* *advaita saMpradAya* is propaganda for you!!!
  Here you have a pre conceived notion (or you may have it as logical conclusion from your side) that the vykhyAnams of latter ACAryas are at *conflict* with Sankara and with that notion, you place them on a vertical hierarchy and accordingly *within* them place the bhashyam of Sankara at a higher pedestal and that of others at a lower.
  Karthik and Rama were stating 
  there is no conflict between ACArya Bhashya; bAmatikAra and VivaranakAra. They differ only in the way of explaining Advaita and as such they place the ACArya Bhashyam and the latter vyakhyanams of ACAryas horizontally on a same pedestal
  Regarding point no : 3, I observed there is strong differences in views between you and others.  But atleast on point no : 1, you could agree to a vertical hierarchy?
  With warmest regards

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