[Advaita-l] jnAna-vijnAna, gradations in Atma jnAna

NARAYANA MURTHY malahanikareswara at yahoo.co.in
Wed Mar 14 04:08:35 CDT 2007

In the ongoing topic  – JnyAna and gradations of JnyAna – I have my doubt from this verse #2 of VC wherein ACArya Sankara says
  “AtmAnAtmaviveCanam svanubhavo brahmAtmanA samsthiti:”
  with specific reference to the topic, I have following doubts on the above verse viz.,
   Why prefixes are added before the anubhUti and its sustainment
  Su – anubhavaha
  Since I do not not even have “parichayam” of  “vyAkaraNam”, I am not sure whether the padAnvayam  above is correct or not.  But considering the way I have observed the words above, it prima facie appears that Acharya shankara contemplates gradations in JnyAna by adding a prefix “Su” to the anubhavam and sustainment or for contemplated further derailment by adding a prefix “samyak”  to the “sthithi”?
  PS:  This is from my elementary knowledge; if it is defective I would be more than willing to correct the same.

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