Sringeri and Sureshvara (was Re: [Advaita-l] On recent mails the list has seen)

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at
Fri Mar 2 12:13:11 CST 2007

Stig and others brought up in the SSS school,

Please, please, please, stop misunderstanding the position of the
vivaraNa and bhAmatI in the advaita sampradaaya. Enough already! Both
are held to be *equally* valid. This has been stated about a gazillion
times by me, and other people also. Kindly pick up a copy of Citsukhas
works or Madhusuudana Sarasvati, where they have dealt with this
clearly. If you really want to know what the differences in the school
are, and whether they are really completely contradictory, it can be
known by *only* approaching *sampradaayavits* like citsukha, right
down to our very own Sri Sannidhanam in Sringeri. And most certainly
not by reading data-mined extracts from
Vedaanta-prakriyaa-pratyabij~naa, or anything else.

Who told you that Sringeri is teaching according to bhaamatii? They
use both that and the vivaraNa.

When I get the time, I'll try to write up something on this.


On 3/2/07, Stig Lundgren <slu at> wrote:
> Dear Raghavendra and others,
> > But the
> > Sringeri maTha itself traditionally teaches Advaita
> > according to the bhAmatI-vyAkhyAna.
> According to tradition, Sri Sureshvara was the acharya of the Sringeri matha
> after it have been founded by Adi Shankara. However, Sureshvara is held by
> many to be the forerunner of Vivarana. Then why is Sringeri matha teaching
> according to Bhamati?
> Warmest regards
> Stig Lundgren

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