Sringeri and Sureshvara (was Re: [Advaita-l] On recent mails the list has seen)

Stig Lundgren slu at
Fri Mar 2 11:48:20 CST 2007

Dear Raghavendra and others,

> But the
> Sringeri maTha itself traditionally teaches Advaita
> according to the bhAmatI-vyAkhyAna.

According to tradition, Sri Sureshvara was the acharya of the Sringeri matha
after it have been founded by Adi Shankara. However, Sureshvara is held by
many to be the forerunner of Vivarana. Then why is Sringeri matha teaching
according to Bhamati?

Warmest regards
Stig Lundgren

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