[Advaita-l] Gradations in establishment in brahmavidyA

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In the context of the current discussion, please see the above post (Yoga 
and Advaita Vedanta -10). muNDakopanishat 3.1.4 has a reference to 
"brahmavidAM varishThaH". I have briefly highlighted what Sankara 
bhagavatpAda says about this in the corresponding bhAshya.

As also pointed out in posting 9 on that series, the word varishTha presumes 
vara - varIyas - varishTha, i.e. a gradation in excellence. In the Sanskrit 
language, applying the suffixes -Iyas and -ishTha to a root has the same 
intent as suffixing -tara and -tama, to denote comparative and superlative 
degrees. Various examples are given in


Incidentally, the word tAratamya is itself derived from -tara and -tama.

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