[Advaita-l] jnAna-vijnAna, gradations in Atma jnAna, superior-inferior jnAna nishTa etc. etc. PART-I

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namaste Kathirasan:

 Yes, what Kartik wrote is true and this has been my
belief/understanding always.

I do not remember whether we explicitly stated this anywhere. If not
before, we should do it at least now.   I would like to know what
Jaldhar and Vidya think on this matter.  This is what we state in the
welcome letter and I think this implies the above.

"The purpose of Advaita-L is to discuss advaita-vedAnta as taught by
SrI Sankara and the smArta sampradAya.  Through these discussions,
we hope to increase the understanding of our dharma from a traditional
stand point, which the shankara maTha-s uphold right from the time of
their inception."

When there is a dispute in understanding the doctrine of
advaita-vedAnta, we have  no choice but to go back to the sampradAya
and Sringeri maTha is the obvious and the best choice.   But we should
allow room to raise some of these disputes so that we can understand
the objections and thereby the siddhAnta better.

The only place I think, as a policy, we should not  take a specific
side is regarding the date of Sankara. But this is not a doctrinal

For the record, I think Kartik's response to Bhaskar was needlessly
rude in this thread and such a tone is not acceptable.


Kathirasan wrote:
> Namaste dear list owners/moderators,

>I have been part of this list for more than 8-9 years. But may I clarify
>if what Kartik wrote is true pls. Thank you.

>Warmest Regards,
>Kathirasan K
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>Kartik wrote:

>>I must point out that this list firmly stands by the Sringeri Math
>>when it comes to understanding Sankara's doctrine.

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