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God's grace is graceful way of saying about the
response of the total system for the local
purturbation.  In framing the result of any action -
action is perturbation at localized state - the global
response is also involved in defining the future sate.
 That is the daivam's contribution in framing the
result of the action.

Another way of looking at it is - the result of all my
previous actions up to the current point constitute -
prarabda (in a general sense) and purushaartha is the
current input where there is choice in action by jiiva
- the future state is result of all that past that is
involved modified by the present action - What I have
is prarabda and what I do with what I have is
purushaartha or free-will - and future prarabda is
nothing but past prarabda modified by the present
action.  But how the results are formulated depends on
the laws of action - results are essentially a
response of the global system in response to the
perturbation at local system.  Since global system is
nothing but an integrated algebraic sum of all the
effects of all local systems put together, it is
nothing but daivam in a loose sense of the term. 
Actually the consciousness identified with the global
system is daivam.  

About free will - I have free will until I am free
from will - that is I am free from the notion of doer
ship. Then the local perturbations as well as the
global responses all happening naturally - by prakRiti

' prakRityeva ca karmaani kriya maanaani sarvasaH'
and who ever sees or understands this correctly alone
understand that 'I am neither doer nor enjoyer' - free
from any doing - free from 'will to do' too. That is
of course is liberation.

Hari Om!

--- Siva Senani Nori <sivasenani at yahoo.com> wrote:

> sarvebhyo namaH
> In the course of a private exchange, Sri Prem had
> brought up the issue of "grace of God" and has made
> some observations and posed some questions, which I
> thought can be much better answered by some members
> of the list. With the hope that both Sri Prem's
> observations and the ensuing discussion would be of
> general list, I am posting Sri Prem's message to the
> list.
> Senani

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