[Advaita-l] anubhavAN^gaatvena

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Dear SrI RAma |
Thank you very much indeed for this further clarification and for the help 
you are bringing to me, which I really appreciate.
dhanyavAdaH |
vandanAni |
G. W.
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> Dear Sri Werlings,
> The phrase "based on" in phrases such as "based on tarka" or "based on
> anubhava" is extremely misleading. This is another place where the
> English cannot directly substitute for the Sanskrit. In some sense,
> the tarka is based on anubhava, because it uses anubhava. But the
> justification for using it comes from shruti only. We can't experience
> any tarka, so anubhava cannot justify any tarka. The situation is
> similar to the pratyakSha and anumAna. anumAna is completely "based
> on" pratyakSha, because you can't infer without observations. But it's
> validity is not obtained *from* pratyakSha, it is indeed a
> self-established means of knowing.
> Rama 

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