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sarvebhyo namah.

The compound word anubhavA~Ngatva can be resolved as:

1. anubhavasya a~Ngatvam (the secondariness of anubhava)
2. anubhavah yasya a~Ngah sa anubhavA~Ngah, tasya bhAvah anubhavA~Ngatvam (that which has anubhava as a part is anubhavA~Nga; its nature is anubhavA~Ngatvam).
3. anubhavasya a~Ngah anubhavA~Ngah; tasya bhAvah anubhavA~Ngatvam (a part, an element of anubhava is anubhavA~Nga; its nature is anubhavA~Ngatvam).
4. anubhavah eva a~Ngah, anubhavA~Ngah; tasya bhAvah anubhavA~Ngatvam (the part or element called anubhava is anubhavA~Ngah; its nature is anubhavA~Ngatvam).

Now the context in which this word occurs. The relevant part of the sentence (with sandhi deconstructed) is: Sruti+anugrihIta eva hi atra tarkah anubhavA~Ngatvena ASrIyate. (2.1.6, Br. Su. Bhashya)

Here (atra), only that logic sanctioned by Sruti (SrutyanugrihIta eva hi tarkah) is to be resorted to (ASrIyate). The reason for this is supplied by the word anubhavA~Ngatvena - on account of anubhavA~Ngatva. If such is the interpretation, then only meaning 1 fits in. 

However the tritIyA usually indicates instrumentality, not a reason (for which pa~ncamI is used, again usually); so we can also say that "Only the Sruti-sanctioned logic is to be resorted ** with ** anubhavA~Ngatvam". In such a case, meanings 2, 3 and 4 can all fit it.

If 1, 2 and 4 are used anubhava is secondary in all of them. Only 3 gives importance to anubhava; and if we do use that meaning in the above sentence then the Sruti-sanctioned logic becomes the a~Nga of anubhava, which is a bit far-fetched.

Considering all the alternatives, I am inclined to believe that anubhava is portrayed as secondary here.


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The split is anubhava + aN^gatvena only. The second word is the singluar
instrumental declension of aN^gatva (e.g. rAma -> rAmeNa, lakshmaNa ->
lakshmaNena, etc.)

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