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Sorry for intervening.  Since this looks like a general mail to the list and
even though  I don't know the context fully being new to this list, I am
curious to seek some feedback on some aspects below.

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Date: Jun 21, 2007 4:03 PM
Subject: Frequenting the mANDUkya kArikA
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Dear Srii Ravi,

Apart from the reactions that came through the list to my second
posting as to your guidelines, I have received a direct mail from
shrii N. Srikanta requiring explanations and clarifications. Of course
I answered directly to him also, but I am sending you here below an
extract of my e-mail, which is not in a straight line connected with
his questions about my remarks on the guidelines.

shrii N. Srikanta had mentioned incidentally: "I have done
considerable research on the Mandukyopanishad and the Gaudapada
karikas". And in my answer to him I explained my own away frequenting
the Gau° Kaa° as follows:
"You mention that you have done considerable research on the
and the Gaudapada karikas.
Although you probably do not care, I can tell you that I have been
doing approximately the same thing for the past 45 years, with a
difference on which you will perhaps not agree. As far as I am
concerned, I cannot say that I have been doing much "research" but as
per the recommendation of my vEdAnta teacher, I have been frequenting
daily the MANDUkya KArikA.

My teacher considered that by studying a Scripture or a philosophical text,
you bring down the text to your own
present level of consciousness while by frequenting (reading it aloud) every
day, you bring up gradually your
level of consciousness to the level of the text, so that in the end the real
meaning of the text can flow out from the text into your

--> Can there be any pramana vakyas for the reasoning or the considerations
above.  If not that's alright.

However, I believe that consciousness being a chetana and the scriptures
being jada, the wavelength does not match unless the chetana does proper
'anusandhana' while reciting a sloka as gods do take shelter in each akshara
as akshara abhimani devathas.  Pls guide me whether my thoughts are right.


shruti smR^iti purANAnaaM aalayaM karuNAlayam.h |

namAmi bhagavadpAdaM shaN^karaM lokashaN^karam.h ||

Best regards,

Guy W.
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