[Advaita-l] anubhavaN^gaatvena

Guy Werlings werlings.guy at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jun 20 15:18:19 CDT 2007

sarvebhyo namaH |

I have read somewhere that in his bhAShya on tre sUtra "dR^ishyate tu" (Br. 
Suu 2.1.6 - as far as I know), shrii shaN^kara BhagavadpAda would have made 
a distinction between "kevalatarka" / "sushhka Tarka" where tarka would be 
used for logic and "Tarko anubhavaN^gaatvena" where tarka would stand for 
I am trying to produce a very faithful French translation respecting 
etymology as far as ever possible. Could any learned member of he list tell 
me first how the expression anubhavaaN^gaatvena should be properly split.
Should it be just: anubhava + aN^gat + vena
or possibly:        aN^gat + vaa + ina
or even:              anubhava + aN^ga + tvaa + ina

DhanyavAdaH |

G.W. (jidobolju)

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