[Advaita-l] Brief speech in Sanskrit

Ajit Krishnan ajit.krishnan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 08:52:05 CDT 2007


Please take a look at the activities of Samskrita Bharati. They teach
samskritam though samskritam, starting with listening (shravaNam) and
speaking (sambhAShaNam).[1] Results are visible from day 1, and the
process is enjoyable. In short order, you dive into the grammar as
well. Samskrita Bharati activities have spread to most of India, and
parts of the US. After some time with their method, you should have no
problem conversing in Samskritam, or giving speeches on the topic of
your choice.


[1] This is the way every other language is taught. The Samskritam
world is the only one I know of to put so much emphasis on the
grammar-translation method. A vast portion of grammar learning comes
very naturally in a language as you try to speak it.

samskRitena sambhAShaNam kuru.
jIvanasya parivartanam kuru.



On 6/9/07, GOPALAKRISHNA Sankaran <SGopalak at covansys.com> wrote:
> Also please let me know, how to prepare a Brief speech in Sanskrit.
> Say a brief on Sri Sankara.
> My approach is
> First prepare in region language and convert into Sanskrit.
> Please share your views.
> Jaya Jaya Sankara and Hara Hara Sankara.

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