[Advaita-l] article by Coman

Gerald Penn gpenn at cs.toronto.edu
Fri Jun 8 23:22:57 CDT 2007

> where as later (contemporary)Advaitins deem to think the other way.

I don't get it - aren't you and a significant number of the members
of this list later/contemporary Advaitins?  At best, Prof. Coman's
article reads as play-by-play coverage of a non-existent dialectic between
Adi Sankaracarya and Christopher Ishwerwood.  The unspecific use of the
term, "modern Advaitins," seems wholly unwarranted here.
  No scriptural support is adduced in Coman's work for the claim
that samadhi is somehow an end in its own right in yoga either.  I
certainly don't recall reading anything to that effect in the Patanjali
Yogasutra or its traditional commentaries (pace Christopher Isherwood, I
guess).  That the PYS preaches a "necessity for total thought suppression"
(presumably a crude translation of cittavrtti nirodha) is also highly

Gerald Penn

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