[Advaita-l] Paper on Samadhi

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IMO, people who have doubts on these issues should thoroughly read:
1) Vidyasankar's "Yoga & Advaita-Vedanta" series posted on this list
2) The book "Yoga, Enlightenment & Perfection" which details the
spiritual practices of SrI abhinavavidyAtIrtha mahAsvAminaH

The latter book gives a good insight into the practices followed by
those who actually live the advaita tradition.

IMO, the tradition is best served if one takes a broad view of it,
with all the diverse strands of thought & practice that have evolved
over the centuries. Vociferous debates on what was the "original" view
of Sankara, or what books he wrote, etc tend to make advaita into a
one-man tradition that just robs it of its vitality. And whats more,
such an approach also has to speculate on what Sankara actually was.
Human nature being what it is, people see in Sankara what they want to
see. To some he was an intellectual philosopher, to some he was the
wisest of sages, to some he was a master yogin, to some he was the
most profound poet, and so forth.

Why not take an honest view on the utility of different methods &
practices within the tradition (taking into account the diversity of
saMskAra-s among seekers) instead of speculating on what Sankara might
have said or thought, and rejecting whatever does not appeal to one's
own view of the tradition?


On 07/06/07, kman <krismanian at gmail.com> wrote:
> Pranam,
>       I found this paper on
> "The Question of the Importance of Samadhi in Modern and Classical Advaita
> Vedanta"
> By Michael Comans, Ph.D. here
> http://www.realization.org/page/doc2/doc200.html

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